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Our goals, rudimentary;

Businesses large and small need help marketing. Marketing in 2014 is incredibly complex and difficult. As your partner, we bring our decades of experience and understanding of new marketing platforms and the power of our affiliates to our partnerships. We help you set new rewarding strategies and then implement the proper solutions to support those strategies. The result? Your business grows; your brand becomes measurably more visible and influential.

Secondly, Marketing and promoting your brand across social, search and paid marketing campaigns has become more interrelated and is to be tracked and leveraged. Content that is engaging, relevant and referenced properly is the benchmark across the board. We are publishers, marketers and journalists. That is what makes us experts in all facets of online marketing and understand the important dynamics between each marketing discipline and how they interact and impact your business, brand and bottom line.

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Reach and Engage Millions of unique visitors.

Standard IAB units, high-impact and/or customizable ad units available.

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  • Automotive
  • Beauty and Skin Care
  • Business-to-Business
  • Construction and Renovations
  • Consumer Packaged Goods
  • Entertainment
  • Financial
  • Legal Resources
  • Multilingual
  • News
  • Pets


We take fraud seriously – our team is diligent and proactive in identifying and eliminating suspicious activity beyond all current IAB guidelines.

  • Frequency Capping
  • Cookie Confirmation Check
  • JavaScript Confirmation Check
  • Keyword Manipulation Prevention
  • iFrame & 1x1 Pixel Blocking
  • Window Resolution Size Check
  • Browser Verification check
  • Off-Browser Click Check
  • Hidden Links Click Check
  • Proprietary Bot Protection
  • Fraudlogix Screening of Each Click
  • Adometry IP and User Agent Blacklists Check
  • Proprietary IP & URL Block List Check
  • Search - Click IP Mismatch Check
  • Search - Click Time Interval (too short or too long) Check
  • Search - Click Referrer Mismatch Check
  • Search - Click Browser Mismatch Check
  • Referrer Missing Check
  • User Agent Missing Check


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Media Options

eMedia Group ad-server and content management systems support all IAB ad standards.

  • Banners
  • Direct Response
  • Lead Generation
  • Search
  • Text
  • Video
  • XML

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